Two forms of formation are to be given to the candidates legally admitted. One is towards brotherhood and the other priesthood.

The main work of the congregation is concentrated on the higher cultural and educational level of missions, which requires holy and highly educated priests. So some are selected for further studies after their ordination. The selected are sent to famous colleges and universities at home or abroad.

In some provinces the Congregation also provides minor seminaries for high school students; e.g. the Malacca seminary in Malaysian province. Such students are admitted to the novitiate directly after graduation.

The graduates who have finished high school education elsewhere are generally required to be postulants at least for half a year, before admission to the novitiate.

One who has made an application for brotherhood, may start to work after the novitate training or be given some skill training.

Those whose desire is for priesthood, will be given philosophy and theologate studies after one year of novitiate. After ordination, only those selected are sent for higher studies.

As the Congregation has a special commitment to evangelize the Chinese people, only those who accept this commitment, will be admitted candidacy.

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